Saying goodbye to one of our own

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Thank you for your service our friend, we have it from here…

It is with heavy hearts that local 303 and it’s members remember the contributions and friendship of Brian Hekman. Brian was a 15+ year veteran of Paramedicine both in the air and on land, with more than 10 years serving the good people of Simcoe County. Brian was both loved and respected by all his peers, as evidenced by both the public and private outpouring of support for he and his family in the last days of a fight that has lasted more than 2 years. Throughout his career and his recent trials Brian exuded class, caring¬†and an enduring sense of humour. That is how he will be remembered.

Brian is the second medic in 3 months time, that has been taken too early, from the active ranks of local 303 by cancer. Take the time to appreciate what you can, and be kind to each other. As always we will preservere and local 303’s members will be there for Brian’s family.

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